About Us

Welcome to Inhika, which also means, little Earth.

What is Inhika all about?

Planet, mother, world, call it by any name, but one name that suits our earth the most is fashionable! Yes, you read me right….our earth is in true sense the most fashionable being on…well….earth! She is the one who decides fashion trends, wears the most intricate patterns, adorns the most gorgeous colours, and changes her colours with her moods every couple of months or so. All our fashion is inspired by her moods and colours.

Inhika raises a toast to our beloved fashionista, and hopes to capture her moods and fashion in our offerings. We hope to offer the freshest prints and designs, bestest quality of fabrics in trends that will set you apart, just like our role model – the earth!

What do we do?

At our site you will find the best of unstitched fabrics and materials to create your unique dress that will make you look like a princess! You will find fabulous lace, border, trims to add oomph to your dress. Browse our unique collection of tassles and latkans to decorate your dresses. Also, don't miss out on the classy dupattas in our collection!

Who are we?

Inhika is passion project for two sisters, Megha and Sapana. We love all things beautiful and go weak kneed when we see things that we will love to own. Everything that we bring to you is specially selected, because we loved it, and we are sure you will love it too. 

Where are we located?

We are based out of Mumbai, the hub of Indian fashion.


Contact Us:

Forever at your service!

Mail us at contact@inhika.com

Whatsapp or call - +919892594229 / 9769511305

Visit us at: C311, Eastern Business District, LBS Marg, Bhandup West, Mumbai – 400078