Collection: Brocade Fabric

Brocade Fabrics are popularly called as Banarasi Brocades or Banarasi Fabrics, after its birth place Banaras. Banaras or Kashi is considered to be the oldest city with continuous population in the the world. It is one of the holiest places for Hindus and also mother to some of the most exquisite work of brocade or banarasi karigari. 

In earlier days, real gold and silver was used as zari threads to weave beautiful banarasi sarees that would be gifted to the bride on her wedding day. Owning a banarasi lehenga and dupatta was possible only for a heiress! With change in technology, synthetic gold and silver threads got introduced to the weavers. It made the exquisite banarasi fabrics and materials far more affordable for masses.