Your Wedding, Your Style, Your Message!!

Your Wedding, Your Style, Your Message!!

Your Wedding, Your Style!!

Wedding happens once in the life. It’s a very special day for the groom and of course the bride, the life is going to change for the bride more than a groom, in that special day in case you get some personalized memories that will your dream get full fill 😊

As Sharukh khan also say, Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai….,aur pyaar uski koi guaranty nahi hai in this point we can catch him to be wrong😊.Even he done twice in the movie 😊


Sharukh  khan, pyaar, shaadi,  

Your special day with all personalization

You feel good when come to personalization. Its only for made for you, Like your partner “ Made for each other perfectly” this you get in your own wedding or family wedding it’s like “ सोने मै सुहागा” or your dream get full fill 😊

For women there are lots of way to add that touch in the wedding. Personalized blouse, Personalized latkan / tassel, Personalized dupatta, Personalized chudda cover, and never ending always more and how to use that for that this blog is going to help you.

Personalized message on back of Blouse

You can put the name or any message in back of your blouse   

customized blouse back   


Personalized message on Lace / Border / Trim

Get personalized embordered name of bride and groom in lace / border/ trim


Its available on below link:


Personalized Dupatta or Simple Blessing Dupatta


To order click here:

Personalized Chudda Cover

For Punjabis chudda function is very important, and also the opportunity  to make it more personalized

 punjabi chudda cover personalized  


Personalization in Mother Tongue

Getting wedding stuff and that too and that too in your own mother tongue, In the language that you here from your childhood, you enjoy, eat, dance, think that’s the power of our own mother tongue. It’s like a divine blessing


Place your order here hurry:


Personalized or blessing Tassel / Latkan

Get personalized tassel or latkan



You are just one click away from your dream wedding. Looking for customization just log in or just dial +919987292032 or whatsapp on +919987292032


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