How to identify good quality saubhagyavati bridal dupatta from duplicate products

How to identify good quality saubhagyavati bridal dupatta from duplicate products

5 tricks to identify a top quality sada saubhagyavati bridal dupatta from a low quality bridal Dupatta

Market these days is flooded with poor quality sada saubhagyavati bhava bridal dupatta. If you are a bride, how will you find the best quality bridal dupatta that will hold your memories for a lifetime? 

Here are the ways to identify a good quality sada saubhagyavati bhava dupatta and differentiate from a poor quality one. 

1. Quality of Net Material - the net fabric used in a good quality sada saubhgyavati bhava dupatta will be soft and comfortable to wear. However, the net material used in a poor quality bridal dupatta will be stiff and uncomfortable to wear. 

2. Quality of Beaded Lace - the moti bead lace that we use in our sada saubhgyavati bhava dupatta is double polish good quality. These are long lasting beads that will stay as it is even after long use. However, the lace used in poor quality dupattta is cheap beads that will break very easily and will become black within a month of use. So definitely avoid such laces

3. Quality of Lace Embroidery Work - the lace embroidery on good quality sada saubhgyavati dupatta will have nice shiny zari compared to the dull zari on the cheap quality dupatta. The base velvet on the lace will the something similar to the velvet that what you wear on your clothes compred the the cheap dull looking material in the cheap bridal dupatta. Most importantly, the good quality lace will have heavy embroidery, close knit. Comparatively, the cheap quality lace will have lightly filled embroidery, so much so that you will be able to see the fabric of the lace below. 

Another important thing to note is the sequins and cording embroidery done on the lace which make the lace look really classy and upscale, compared to the plain lace in cheap saubhagyavati dupattas. 

4. High End Craftsmanship: high quality craftsmanship is what differentiates a designer bridal dupatta from a cheap one. A designer saubhgyavati dupatta will have lot of attention to detail and finishing will be boutique level. However, a cheap imitation will have poor quality tailoring work, done by someone who really does not care about the final look. The designer bridal dupatta will be carefully crafted so that there are no loose ends in the dupatta and final look is opulent and rich. 

5. Not Cutting Corners in good saubhgyavati dupatta -  cheap bridal dupattas do a lot of cost cutting by cutting corners. in the above video will see how corners are cut, and how it impacts the overall look of the dupatta that you will wear. 

Please let us know if you need any more information on these dupattas. If you need to buy a good quality saubhgyavati dupatta, please follow the link below:




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