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Lehenga Tassels
Gold Lehenga Tassels
Gold Lehenga Tassels

Gold Lehenga Tassels - Set of 2

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Call them Tassels, Latkans or Hangigns, they are the cutest things in town and the best way to glamourise and personalise your favourite brida lehenga or chaniya choli. These long latkan hanging on the side make the entire outfit so much fun to prance around in. If you are a designer or boutique owner then, even better, because our latkans are specialy made for you so that you can give your discerning clients exactly what they need.

More about this Gold Lehenga Tassels - Set of 2

Length: 25cm

Base Colour: Gold

Work Colour: Gold

Work Type: Cute Lehenga Latkan! Real mirror, Gold beads, Gold silk threads come together to make a beautiful latkan that is light weight and can be used for fancy lehenga or for blouse backs.

SKU: T210910180015105

Packag Contents: Set of 2.

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Gold Lehenga Tassels