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Returns & Refunds Policy

We hope you love everything you buy from us. However, it might happen that the product does not suit your requirement. In that case, no sweat! Please return the product and we will refund you your money. 

It will be easier for both of us if you could kindly follow the following steps:


1. Please contact us within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the parcel and give us the details of items you wish to return. Our representative will get in touch with you to understand the issue. 

2. Once you have received the email confirmation for us to return the product, kindly return the item and furnish the return AWB number to us within 7 working days.  

3. Once we receive the product back, we will send you an email confirmation about the same. 

Refund Policy & Process:

1. You will receive money back / store credit coupon for the amount you paid. If you had used discount coupons, the same shall not be refunded. At any point of time the refunds will not exceed the actual value of the goods.

2. Please make sure that products are in original condition. Any product that is damaged in any condition will not be eligible for refunds. 

 3. It normally takes upto 4-5 days to process refunds. 
If you have any question about our return policies, we will be happy to answer them. Please feel free to contact us at for more information about returns & cancellations.
Embellishment related Issues
Apparel consisting of embellishments like beads and sequences usually has the tendency to come off.  Even with perfect handling, care and packaging this cannot be completely avoided. During physical transit, some of them may come loose, hence if you see such situations arise when you unpack or wear your attire, do not worry.