Customisation Services

What will the world be if we did not have the option to customise it to our needs? Well...quite un-appealing if you ask us. Let us make your world a little more appealing for you. 

We love all things customised and we know you do here is what we can help you create:

1. Customised Fabrics - Give us your design, tell us the fabric you want it on and we will create your signature fabric, just the way you want it and that too for minimum quantity as low as 25 Meters only. Write to us on for more details. 

2. Dyeing Services - Every Dyeable fabric that we have, can be dyed as per your requirement. Charges vary basis the number of colours you need to use. Please feel free to ping us if you need us to dye our fabrics for you. 

To use any of the above services, please write to us at or whatsapp us on +919987292032. 

Team Inhika!