My journey from the question 'Where can I buy fabrics' to founding my own business

My journey from the question 'Where can I buy fabrics' to founding my own business

I hate shopping for dresses! Period!

This is how my typical dress buying experience looks like

  1. Select and try out at least 50 dresses
  2. Reject 40 of them for they don’t fit you well
  3. Reject 8 because they clash with your complexion
  4. Not bad, I still have two that look good on me and fit well
  5. One week later – I see 2 women wearing the same dress that I purchased! Urghhhh! Why God Why!  

Every readymade garment that I own is owned by at least 5 women in my vicinity. I craved for dresses that will look good on me, fit me like they are made for me and are unique so that every one goes wow over it. Well…who doesn’t.

On mulling over my need to have dresses that look unique, I started exploring the options of fabrics and getting custom fit dresses for me. And this is what I learned from that: 

The entire process of buying fabrics, finalizing the design and getting it stitched is in many ways exhausting but it is also extremely rewarding. Wearing the dress that no one in your neighbourhood will ever own (after all who wants to wear copy cat dresses), gives a thrill of its own.  I felt so special….wearing something made only for me, even designed by me….Wow! just a step short of being a celebrity (lol)!

Fabric collection quickly became my hobby and I made a list of markets that I wanted to explore to enhance my fabric collection. Here is the list in case you are also like me looking to buy beautiful fabrics. Note – all the names are from markets located in Indian cities (don’t have the budget to explore international markets yet...sigh!)

Here is a list of local markets to buy fabrics visit when you are around the area:

Mumbai – Mangaldas Market & Hind mata market (near Dadar)

Kolkata – Bada Bazaar

Delhi – Chandani Chowk

Hyderabad – Charminar Bazaar

Bangalore – Ramchandrapuram

Surat – Ring Road area  

I loved to roam around in the narrow by lanes of these markets looking for fabrics…i.e., until my uncle tapped me to take his fabrics manufacturing business online.

‘Click’ is the sound I heard in my head! Why not! My entire maternal family is into the garments business since many decades. It would be perfect to make it easy for fabric nuts like me find gorgeous fabrics that they will treasure!

That is how we started

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