Velvet Dupatta for Designer touch in bridal wear

Velvet Dupattas are the best way to add royal touch to your wedding dress. With a little bit of embroidery and a beautiful lace, a soft light weight dupatta transforms our dress to give a 'heavy' look that every bride craves for. 

3 reasons to why we love velvet dupatta!

Best Match: The best part about velvet dupatta is that most velvet dupattas come in two tone, so they match with a large range of garments. A maroon velvet dupatta will match will match with many shades of maroon lehenga. Similarly, a Green velvet dupatta will match with green colours from dark green to bottle green. 

Suits Both Gender: Another cool thing about velvet dupatta is that it looks great on men! The material that is soft and feminine on a woman, immediately transforms itself into stately when worn by a man. No wonder it is a favourite choice amongst grooms and friends of groom as well. 

Budget friendly: You don't need to break bank to find a good velvet dupatta that matches your wedding dress. At Inhika website, you will find velvet dupatta range starting from 2100 itself. So go ahead, look grand, without brining a hole in your pocket! 

Check out our collection of velvet dupatta

Maroon Velvet Dupatta

Best for bridal attire as this colour looks great on Indian women skin tone. Makes her look so beautiful! Of course, it looks amazing on men as well. 

Green Velvet Dupatta

If the bride as a red colour lehenga, and the groom has a cream colour sherwani, then the best dupatta for the groom is to have a green colour velvet dupatta. The Red and green colours will compliment each other very well, just like the bride and groom will compliment each other, for rest of their lives. 

Blue Velvet Dupatta

Most women prefer red, maroon or green for their wedding dress. however, for the pre wedding dresses, navy blue makes a sensuous choice. The blue dress will be eminently complimented by a blue velvet dupatta.





Sada Saubhgyavati Bhava Bridal Velvet Dupatta

What best way to start a lovely new life with sada saubhagyavati bhava velvet bridal dupatta? 

To ensure that your new life start with loads of blessing, we bring to you beautiful saubhgyavati bhava dupatta that you can use not just for your wedding functions, but also for many other celebrations, that you will have in your life ahead. 






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