10 Cotton Dress Material Ideas that'll help you look stylish and chic all year round!

Cotton is the only fabric that will wins hand down if there was a competition on comfort. These cotton dress material will win hands down even in style. The jaipuri print fabric are delicately designed to appeal to your sense of glamour and chic. 

To complete the look of the dress materials, we also added the matching laces, tassels and even dupatta in a few cases. All you now need to do is, finalise your design, go to your tailor and get your dress stitched. 

Here are the 16 cotton dress material ideas for you to choose. You can also choose to buy the fabrics individually. Links are provided below:


1. Party wear cotton dress material, complete with designer latkan and matching lace 

Price 1422

Party wear cotton dress material

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2. Rani Pink for the Queen in you - Rani Pink of this dress is justly called rani to celebrate the queen in you. Go pink with this beautiful floral print spaced in a delightful manner that can be made to look classy or funky.

Price: 1335

Unstitched Cotton Salwar Suit with Dupatta

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3. Be Bold - Bold prints are your best friend if you want to highlight your strengths. If you are apple shaped, use this as a bottom, if you are pear shaped, use this fabric as a top. 

Price: 1299

Pure Cotton Dress Material

Buy Entire Dress Material Set

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4. Turquoise Fresh - Here is a designer combination where we have paired floral print cotton fabric with stripes cotton fabric to give a designer look. 

Price: 1233

Pure Cotton Dress Material with Dupatta

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5. Festive comfort - Delightful gold stokes pared with blue in printed cotton fabric. This dress will make you look grand in any setting. 

Price: 1175

Cotton Dress Material with Dupatta Set

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Buy only printed cotton fabric


6. Shades of Peach - Reddish Peach is one colour that has the best of both world....the brightness of red and the classiness of peach. This dress material combo is exactly what you need if you are looking for classy combination that also looks bright. 

Price: 1087

cotton dress material

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7. Designer Delight - What happens when intricate prints meet spacious floral pattern? well...you get beautiful designer fabric like this. add to this tassel and lovely laces and bingo! you have a most delightful dress material ready! 

Price: 994


Cotton Dress Material Jaipuri Print

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8. Royal Touche - Wanna look royal in cotton? go for this beautiful print fabric to create a rich look for your festive wear. 

Price: 949

Fine Cotton Dress Material in Pink with Latkan

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9. Lemon Yellow Delight - Delicate prints on pure cotton fabric complete with matching peach lace

Price: 790

Cotton Unstitched Dress Material

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10. The summary look! What can look more cool that peach and torquoise blue in summers? These two colours when paired together not only give a fresh feel, but don't need any other accessory.  

Price: 710


Buy Entire Dress Material Set 

Buy Only Top fabric here

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Please comment below to tell us if you liked the combinations. Tell us what more ideas you need and our designers will create a special post for you. 

Check out more designer dress ideas here 




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