sada saubgyawati Heavy Dupatta

Blessed Indian Bride with ‘Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava’ dupatta and lace!

Ever since India’s most popular designer, Sabyasachi, designed the elegant dupatta for Deepika Padukone to wear on her wedding, the dupatta has become a craze with not just brides to be but all married women.

It is said, the simplest of ideas are also the ones that resonates the most. Nothing can me more true than the ‘sada saubhagyavati dupatta’ that Sabyasachi crafted for her favourite muse Deepika Padukone.

The idea was so simple, take the age old blessing that every married Indian woman gets for her wedding and for her life thereafter and use zari work to craft it on all the four borders of wedding dupatta that bride would wear with her lehenga.

We Indian women loved the idea! We all want this blessing to envelope us whenever we embark on a new journey of life. This blessing is a must have when we are starting a new journey of a married life (vivahit jeevan).

One of course has to have it when she begins the beautiful  journey of becoming a mother with the God Bharai function OR when the kids naming ceremony (naamkaran sanskar) OR when we are setting up a new home with gruh pravesh OR starting a new business OR for any puja.

Be it Diwali, Satyanarayan vrat katha or Karva chauth. We need this beautiful blessing of  #sadasaubhagyavati  bhava all the time. After all who doesn’t want to be blessed with saubhagya (good luck), loving husband, adorable kids, prosperity and happiness.

This simple idea resonates so well with Indian Women, that it has become a rage with every Indian bride, bride to be and married women. This blessing is ancient, but even today it is so relevant for every woman. 

Women all across India are taking this beautiful idea and making it their own in ways that are extremely creative and beautiful. 

Let us share a few with you here: 


If you are the bride, and you are choosing to wear this beautiful blessing on your wedding dress, then nothing will look better than a beautiful heavy dupatta. Many brides have chosen to go for the look and it has now become as desirable as the led lehenga that makes every bride look gorgeous.

These dupattas come in many designs. You can choose a red dupatta and pur the  #sadasaubhagyavati lace around the four borders. You can then make the dupatta as heavy as you like by combining the #sadasaubhagyavati lace with a few more laces. For the top most part you can use gold fringe lace or go for beaded trim. Here are a few examples of how we combined different #sadasaubhagyavati lace with gold and red velvet laces and beaded laces to make every dupatta unique. 

sada saubhgyavati lace with gold and red velvet lace Heavy Dupatta

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You can also club the maroon or red sada saubhgyavati lace with a cream dupatta to match your cream lehenga. This blessing  of sada saubhagyavati bhava is so relevant for every woman that even if you are not the bride, you will find enough reasons to wear this dupatta. For most puja ceremonies, women in North India, take a  dupatta to cover their head instead of a saree. You can use this simple lace and dupatta combination to wear for your special festivals like Karwa Chauth, Diwali Puja, Vat Savitri Puja, Teej and many other festivals that you celebrate.


These dupattas have become a super exciting gift from one woman to another for all sorts of occasions like birthdays, bhai dooj, mehendi sangeet, karwa chauth and more.

Simple dupatta for a married women

Nanads are gifting this to their Bhabhi, Masi is gifting this to her favourite niece, Women are also distributing these dupattas for the mata ka raat jagaran function.

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 If you are preparing the wedding décor for your daughter then nothing will look more stylish than adding the sada saubhagyavati lace to the gifts wrap or money pouches. If you are sending shagun to your daughter in law, then don’t forget to wrap the sada saubhagyavati lace around the gift basket. Not only will you impress all your new relatives with your fantastic taste, but you will also give a lot of happiness to your daughter in law and she will always love you for it!

Wedding decoration sada saubhgyawati


Latkans for your bridal dress

In case it so happens that you cannot wear a dupatta that gives you this beautiful blessing, what do you do? The creative women out there came up with another brilliant idea – to use it on their latkan. Catch a good tailor, give him a piece of matching velvet fabric, and ask him to do machine embroidery saying ‘sada saubhagyavati bhava’ on the fabric. Then ask him to make a pillow shape of it and fill it with soft cotton or waste fabric and lo behold your beautiful latkan is now ready to be adorn your lehenga side or blouse back.

sada saubgayawati Latkan idea


Mehendi Design 

Heena tatoos on hand or mahendi designs have always seen the most creative application from Indian women. They crafted beautiful mehendi design and made the blessing of sada saubhagyavati bhava past of the elaborate designs. Which woman wont direct her mehendi wali / mehediwala to make a similar design for their favorite celebration?



The great thing is that now the sada saubhagyavati lace comes in many colours like blue, green, cream and pink. So no matter which colour lehenga you choose for your wedding, you will always find a beautiful option of sada saubhagyavati lace to pair it with.


Colour option in sada saubgyawati lace

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These sada saubhgyavati  lace comes in many widths. You have simple ones which are barely an inch wide to the broad ones which are as wide as 3 inches.It goes without saying that you can buy beautiful sada saubhagyavati laces online  from website. In case you have a special requirement, you can check with them, if they can custom make it for you. 


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