7 Questions with Fashion Designer Shilpi!

7 Questions with Fashion Designer Shilpi!

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Shilpi from 'Shiya by ShilpiB’ has always been one of our favourite designers we have worked with. Here is a showcase of some of her work that we love and more about Shilpi in a short and sweet interview :) 

Tell us more about yourself…

From my childhood I was always  very passionate about fashion world This passion drove me towards making a career in fashion designing. My two year diploma in fashion designing gave me the required skills and confidence to test myself in the fashion world. 

How did you come around establishing your own brand?

In one of my first few work assignments I got an opportunity to design for main protagonist of popular TV serial ‘Kahin to Hoga’. The appreciation for the designs I received from there, helped me conceptualise my own brand ‘Shiya by ShilpiB’

What do you have in mind while selecting fabrics from www.Inhika.com?

For me texture and feel of fabrics are very important. When I like some fabric design, I make sure that the design I create will be enhanced by the texture and feel of the fabric. At 'Inhika' I found many variety of  designer fabrics and I love the variety and quality. Sometime their fabrics inspires me to create something new.

What will be your advice to women to look beautiful?

Loving yourself is the key of beauty. You should always present yourself the way you want, are comfortable in and which makes you happy…thats your beauty!

What should a woman keep in mind while working with professional fashion designer for the first time?

A professional designer always wants to create best as per your body type. So first thing always trust your designer and let them read your body shape and help them understand your requirement. Allow her to create something best for you, while making sure that your requirement is clear to the designer. 

What is your own style statement?

For me most important is that the garment makes me feel comfortable and I feel happy from inside after wearing a garment. Your inner beauty and happiness will reflect on your face and makes the garment look even more beautiful on you. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you face?

Being a working mother, managing a child along with business and housework  is very very challenging. However, my passion gives me energy to balance out both the important aspect of my life.  

What will be your advice to young designers?

My advice to any new designer will be - Be Original! Never copy some one else’s designs. Copying something closes your talent of creativity. Also, always stay updated on market trends!

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