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Latkan Dupatta
Gold Latkan Dupatta
Gold Latkan Dupatta

Gold Latkan Dupatta - Set of 2

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No Blouse in this world is complete without a super cute latkan hanging behind it. It is so much fun when they jingle behind your back or mildly tickle you or just make your entire outfit look perfect! Latkans or Tassles are the perfect way to add a lot of fun and sunk to your blouse. These cute latkans tassels are a great way to add charm to your bag be it handbag or sling.

More about this Gold Latkan Dupatta - Set of 2

Length: 8cm

Base Colour: Gold

Work Colour: Gold

Work Type: Beautiful Gold sequins stitched on a fabric cone and strung together with gold beads for a designer formation.

SKU: T21091072015094

Packag Contents: Set of 2.

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Gold Latkan Dupatta