Hire a designer

Are you looking for a great fashion designer in your vicinity?

- Are you are someone who loves to look their best and off the rack is just not cutting it?

- Have a wedding at home and want to get the bride's wedding trousseau right and dresses for your family members need to be done too?

- It's your kids special day and you want her to have a special birthday dress? And while you are at it, get yourself something beautiful too? 

- It's Festival time and you have nothing good to wear and nothing at market seems to be making sense?

Well then .... the best thing you can do for yourself is get yourself a designer. The designer, who will understands your body type, chooses fabric for you as per your skin tone and creates designs for you which will breathe imagination and creativity in any piece of fabric and trim. 

Too tall an order? Don't worry! We might have someone who might be able to help you out. Mail us at contact@inhika.com with your name, address, phone number and email id and we will get you in touch with a designer near you. Who knows, it might just rekindle your love affair with yourself! :)

Loads of Love!

Team Inhika