शिपिंग नीति

We hate to wait too long for deliveries, or worrying about its safety. So we use only best in class courier partners. Our preferred Shipping Partners are Fedex (within India) and DHL (Internationally). 

Shipping Timelines:


  • Within India (Metros and Semi Metros)- 2-5 days
  • Within India (Remote Locations, serviced by Speed Post) -5-10 days


  1. US, UK (Priority service, Main Cities) - 2-5 days
  2. Everywhere Else (Priority service) - 3-10 days
  3. All over World (Economy service) - 5-20 days

International Customs

We understand that while you buy from another country, it is always important to know the shipping rates, since it will add to the cost of your purchase. To get an idea of the shipping prices, kindly refer to the chart below.

NOTE: When you buy in bulk, not only you get bulk prices, you also get cheaper shipping costs . If your parcel is above 30 KG or 66 pounds, we will be able to get you bulk shipping rates that will be significantly cheaper. 

If you have any questions, please do let us know and we will be happy to help


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Area Currency 500 grams or 1 pound 1 KG or 2 pounds 2 KG or 4 pounds Every Additional 500 grams or 1 pound
Australia n NZ AUD 28 35 42 7
Europe Euro 14 17 20 3
Japan JPY 1862 2246 2630 250
Middle East USD 21 26 37 5.6
North America USD 16 20 24 4
Singapore SGD 31 41 58 9
South America USD 26 30 34 4
South East Asia & Sri Lanka USD 19 24 34 6
United Kingdom GBP 14 16 19 3


Some unseen additional costs can be customs charges charged by your country. While it is a rare occurrence, however, In case your country has customs charges over any product, it will be advisable to find out about them.