7 Golden Latkans for Lehenga that you will Never Go Wrong With!

7 Golden Latkans for Lehenga that you will Never Go Wrong With!

Latkans are what make your beautiful designer lehenga complete! Have you ever noticed, how the get up looks complete, only when you have added Latkan to your lehenga outfit? 

Latkan can be in contrast colour or matching colour, but THE most popular Latkan colour is Golden. Why not! Gold is the most popular colour when it comes to wedding lehenga and Indian attire. Golden Latkan can go with almost any attire, as most dresses will have a touch of gold in it. So even if you buy one set of heavy golden Latkan, you can always use it with any other lehenga with gold touch to it. 

Here we bring to you seven Golden Latkan designs that will always look great on almost any lehenga.


Designer Golden Latkan:

This Beautiful Designer Golden Lehenga Latkan is inspired from Sabyasachi collection. The super cute elephant design made of sequins and ably complimented by Zari work. The pearl hangings leading to transparent shimmery net material work adds lot of cuteness to the over cute lehenga Latkan.

Heavy Golden Latkan for Lehenga:

This piece is truly a master piece latkan handmade by accomplished patwas. The delicate piece has sequins, zari work and pearls and the water gold colour makes it look even more surreal!


Real Mirror Golden Latkan:

This long yet lightweight golden latkan is perfect for those girls who do not wish for a very heavy lehenga latkan. They would rather prefer light and dainty versions, just like them. This golden lehenga latkan is embellished with real mirror, silk thread work and gold moti handwork.

Gold Pipe Latkan:

Flower made of Sequins and pipe work to  give the super cute look to this latkan. The long heavy latkan is perfect to give the awesome look to your golden lehenga

Heavy Golden Latkan:

There are very few Golden Latkans also come with multicolour touch to it, and this is one such cute lehenga latkan! The gold sequins with zari thread and multicolour beads give this latkan and unique look!

The Dark Golden Latkan:

Looking for Dark Gold Lehenga, this is the perfect stop! This lovely latkan has golden crystal beads, pipe work, zari threads, gold moti, and sequins to complete the look. Set of 2 latkans is all you need add that lovely touch to your heavy lehenga

Stone Work heavy Golden Latkan:

Stone Work with Golden threads, Sequins, water gold pearl and organza fabric add a lot of glamour and funk to this exceptionally beautiful lehenga latkan.

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