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kutch embroidery fabric wholesale

Yellow Kutch Mirror Embroidery Fabric

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Beautiful Yellow georgette viscose fabric with multicolour tribal embroidery on it further accentuated by mirrors. The work is inspired by the tribal art of Indian state Gujarat, Kutch region. Since Kutch is a bare dry arid region, the people there add beautiful colours to their lives by making colourful attire and beautiful embroidery.

The signature style of Kutch embroidery is its rich colours, intricate patterns (both geometric and floral) and many a times small mirror (Real or faux) are placed in between the designs to give the fabric a beautiful effect!

Fabric Material: Soft Viscose Georgette

Base Colour: Lemon Yellow

Work Colour: Multicolour

Total Width (panna): 44 Inches

Embroidered Width: 36 Inches

Work Type: Embroidery

Pattern: Geometric

SKU: F31603176001656

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Our archive of Indian Kutch fabrics are not available online. Kindly contact us if you need more designs and we can make them in bulk for you. 









kutch embroidery fabric wholesale
kutch mirror work fabric